[Miscellany] Three interesting podcast episodes

I want to share with you three interesting podcasts that I came across recently. Daniel Kahneman on noisy decision making, and the need for algorithms Sandra Peter interviews psychologist / behavioural economist and Noble prize winner, Daniel Kahneman, for the Sydney Business Insights podcast. He discusses his famous book, Thinking Fast and Slow. But, most … Continue reading [Miscellany] Three interesting podcast episodes

Spotted elsewhere: The Trust Engineers

What? A podcast episode from RadioLab about how Facebook’s Protect and Care team (formerly known as the Trust Engineering team) tweak this social network’s interface to make it a more trusted and friendlier environment. Where? Retweeted by ‘New Social Media, New Social Science?’, aka NSMNSS (Twitter feed here). As per NSMNSS’s website, this organisation ‘brings … Continue reading Spotted elsewhere: The Trust Engineers