Book review “Deep Work” by Cal Newport

I have finished reading the book “Deep Work”, authored by Cal Newport. These are my reading notes about what is, in essence, a book about productivity. Its premise is that, to succeed in today’s information intensive economy, we need to be able to deal with, and learn about, complex subjects. As the author writes in page … Continue reading Book review “Deep Work” by Cal Newport

Monday Miscellany 15 Apr 19

Ship work Last week, Seth Godin shared the video from one of his talks and Q&A sessions. It is almost two hours long but super interesting - well worth grabbing a coffee and sitting down to enjoy this talk, available at:   One of the questions that resonated the most with me, came at around … Continue reading Monday Miscellany 15 Apr 19

To quit social media: brave or irresponsible?

You may have come across the message by Dr. Cal Newport that we should quit social media. For instance, there is the NYT article “Quit Social Media. Your Career May Depend on It”. There is also this TEDxTalk, and numerous posts on Cal’s own blog.   I am very ambivalent about Cal’s advice. On the … Continue reading To quit social media: brave or irresponsible?