Teens’ attitudes towards online privacy and online safety

There is the stereotype that “kids these days” share too much on social media, about themselves and about their actions, without much care or concern.   And, then, there is also that other stereotype that “kids these days” are so obsessed with image that they carefully curate the images that they share, thoughtfully choose the … Continue reading Teens’ attitudes towards online privacy and online safety

The teen with no phone number

Last weekend, the teen had a friend over who has a smartphone. Well, what teen does not have one, these days, right? The reason I am mentioning this is that said friend’s smartphone did not have a sim. Initially, I thought that they meant that the sim was malfunctioning. But, no. What they meant was … Continue reading The teen with no phone number

Who needs a phone, anyway?

Oh, I love this – it is a screenshot of this man’s 13 year old daughter’s iPhone home screen. Within easy reach are: Camera Instagram Text messaging Web browser Less accessible (i.e., tucked away within a folder) are: iTunes Pinterest Snapchat Youtube And nowhere to be seen: Facebook and… Phone! I suspect this reflects the … Continue reading Who needs a phone, anyway?