The teen with no phone number

Last weekend, the teen had a friend over who has a smartphone. Well, what teen does not have one, these days, right? The reason I am mentioning this is that said friend’s smartphone did not have a sim. Initially, I thought that they meant that the sim was malfunctioning. But, no. What they meant was … Continue reading The teen with no phone number

Video of talk at BCS

The video of my talk at BCS earlier this year - entitled 'Who wants 4G?' - is now available online. It is rather long and not the best sound quality, but it touches on a some key concepts and models that help us understand adoption of technological products. There were some great questions from the … Continue reading Video of talk at BCS

Diffusion of Innovations

In the summer of 2000, I did my MBA internship with a management consultancy company based in Barcelona – level of 34 of this building, actually. I was part of a multi-national team advising a major telecommunications company bidding for third-generation (3G) mobile-phone licenses across Europe. That year, several governments had been auctioning 3G licences … Continue reading Diffusion of Innovations