When the firm’s customer is the public’s enemy

Sometimes, good customers do bad things. I mean, they do things that are good for the business, but which may have negative consequences for the wider public. In those cases, the government may intervene and demand that the firm acts in a way that meet the government’s goals (regarding the public good) but which runs contrary … Continue reading When the firm’s customer is the public’s enemy

My PhD, 10 years on

This month (November 5th to be exact) marked the 10th anniversary of my PhD viva. I did my PhD at LSE with Dr James Backhouse, and investigated the profiling of undesirable customers (or customer screening). I looked at how organisations define who is a desirable customer, and who isn’t one; and the process that they … Continue reading My PhD, 10 years on

What I am reading: Speculative Security

Given that money is either the outcome or the enabler or most human activity, studying the records of financial transactions can tell us many things about who we are, who we associate with and what we do. The potential of such information has not escaped the attention of governments. Nowadays, financial intelligence is a key … Continue reading What I am reading: Speculative Security