February 2015 round-up

The second month of my sabbatical was dominated by my trip to the University of Malta, in my second year as Visiting Professor in Digital Marketing. Activities included research seminars, corporate education, some teaching and numerous meetings. Arguably, I went to Malta to share what I know about digital marketing, but I always learn a … Continue reading February 2015 round-up

Why I edited an Wikipedia entry

It seems that mentioning that I had edited an entry in Wikipedia raised some questions marks (and, possibly, an eyebrow or two). To be clear, I wrote a very, very small sentence, in the Wikipedia entry for ‘Co-Creation’. If you had checked it just before and after my addition, you would probably not even notice … Continue reading Why I edited an Wikipedia entry

November round-up

This month was super-busy on the work front, with lots and lots of marking (dissertations), teaching, and planning for the next semester. Still, I managed to submit the journal article I was working on at the end of last month, and made good progress on two other projects. So, it was a good month, overall. … Continue reading November round-up