Do you want to work with me?

At Oxford Brookes University, we are looking for 4 amazing people to join the Department of Marketing of the Faculty of Business. The deadline for applications is June, 20th 2014 and we have the following positions open: Professor Reader Research Fellow Research Assistant   We are a great bunch of people to work with. We … Continue reading Do you want to work with me?

Social media can help your job search

I did a session for marketing students on how social media can help them get a job.   Recent marketing graduates typically have very little (or no) job experience in the job that they are applying for. So, they really need to find ways of showing their skills and motivation to potential employers. The good … Continue reading Social media can help your job search

Graduation day

This morning my (former) PhD student, Faten Jaber, graduated – Dr Faten Jaber, actually. What a talented and incredibly driven young woman. I am so proud of her. Dr Jaber investigated the factors that affect successful adoption of Customer Relationship Management systems across different industries. The quality of her work was recognised at the Academy … Continue reading Graduation day

Graduation time at Oxford Brookes University

Today, at Oxford Brookes University, we celebrate the graduation of the students that joined our MSc Marketing and MSc eMarketing programme in September 2011. It is a wonderful occasion - the students come back with their families and we celebrate their achievements together. I am bursting with pride for them. The students' names are called … Continue reading Graduation time at Oxford Brookes University