Sandy and Social Media

If anyone doubted that Social Media is now a key means of communication, s/he only had to look at the advice by the US's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with regards to Hurricane Sandy. Several hours before the Hurricane was due to arrive on the US's East Coast, FEMA posted the following tweet: #Sandy tip: Phone lines … Continue reading Sandy and Social Media

Computers: getting under your skin?

I have recently participated in the annual conference of the Academy of Marketing, which this year took place in Southampton. The conference was kick-started by Charles Hofacker, Professor of Marketing at Florida State University. The keynote speaker noted that, over time, computers have moved closer and closer to the user. For instance, he recalled that, … Continue reading Computers: getting under your skin?

‘Minority Report’: the future vs. the present of profiling

It has been 10 years since the release of the film Minority Report. It depicts a future where police can predict (and, thus, prevent) crime. When I went grocery shopping recently, I saw the DVD on sale and couldn’t resist getting a copy. In my mind, this film is very much related to my own … Continue reading ‘Minority Report’: the future vs. the present of profiling

When technology is taken for granted

In today’s class we explored some contextual factors of great importance to organisations operating in the digital marketplace – for instance, the relationship between economic development and e-business success, or the opportunities and threats presented by economic recessions. We also looked at technology (hardware, software and network) in terms of how it affects the value delivered … Continue reading When technology is taken for granted